Radical Equality: 1842-1846

Letter, Almira Stetson to James A. Stetson, Rollover, Mar. 4, 1845

Almira shares her ambitions and goals for the future.

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You know it has always been the greatest wish of my existence to be a thoroughly and highly educated girl,
I want a good education and think I can have it by improving every moment.
The following are the branches of a thorough course of ancient and modern History: Latin, Phylosophy, Astronomy, Chemistry, Algebra-Geometry, Physiologs and Botany. Geography as distinct from history I think I have a pretty good knowledge of. Grammar I am going through with now minutely.
I shall expect to work my regular number of hours, and improving diligently every moment I think it will take me four or five years to do what I have stated.

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