Radical Equality: 1842-1846


Explore the work and influence of the NAEI in 1842-1846 through more than 70 historic pictures, maps, letters, newspaper articles, speeches, book excerpts, advertisements, and other primary sources. Video and hands-on exhibits animate key characters, places, and concepts in this important page in U.S. history.

Additional details about images used in the online exhibits and throughout the Emerging America site are available on the Image Credits page.

The Primary Source List

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provides an annotated reference to each historical source on the site, organized in chronological order by type of source.

Explanation of Sources

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Details the significance of the primary and secondary sources and why we included what we did.

Thanks to the collections and stewardship of the Historic Northampton Museum and Education Center, we are able to tell the important local story of the Northampton Association of Education and Industry through a rich mix of more than 70 primary and secondary sources, grounded in scholarly research and tied to essential themes of traditional American history.

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