Radical Equality: 1842-1846

NAEI 1843 Constitution Rollover

Articles and By-laws of the Association, 1843

Why did this group of people come together to form a community?
What sort of community was it?
What are the rights and responsibilities of individuals?

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…that they never accord to property peculiar priveleges, but seek only to bring mankind into harmony and union, to make the earth with its countless products the common equal heritage of the race as one great family, and to prepare this family by an enlightened and never-ending education to be peaceful, happy, and active fellow-laborers together;…
After these payments, the remaining nett profits shall be divided equally among every adult member of the Association over the age of eighteen years,
The members and families of members of the Association shall receive food, lodging, necessary furniture, fuel, oil and clothing…
..we do agree most cordially and heartily to labor to the best of our ability for the common benefit of our Community…

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