Radical Equality: 1842-1846


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Second Great Awakening - A series of religious revivals that swept through the United States in the early decades of the 19th century. Religious revivalism led to many reform movements across the north.
Sectionalism - Separation by and loyalty to a particular region of the country.
Slave-based cotton production - Cotton production exploded in the South after the invention of the cotton gin in 1794. The machine made it easier to separate cotton fibers from cotton seeds, making cotton production more profitable. Southern plantation owners increasingly relied on slave labor to grow and pick the cotton.
Social responsibility - Responsibilities citizens have to their society and nation.
Sojourner Truth - Sojourner Truth was born as Isabella Baumfree. She was a slave who was sold several times until she was freed under New York state law. She became an abolitionist and women's rights advocate through her religious activism. Her narrative is the autobiography of her life and experiences.
Stephen Rush - A fugitive slave who arrived at the Association in 1843.
Stringent moral code - Strict rules about appropriate behavior and beliefs.
Suffrage - The right to vote.