Radical Equality: 1842-1846

115: The Story: A Window into the Communitarian Moment

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About this Story

Reliable secondary sources provide context that helps make sense of evidence from the past: documents, artifacts, and images called primary sources. Who made the items that we are studying? Why? Where did they come from? What was happening around them?

  1. An illustrated version of the story of the Northampton Association of Education and Industry (NAEI) for high school students and adults appears on the Background pages.
  2. A simpler version of the NAEI story for younger students appears on this exhibit’s page 105.
  3. A video tour offers yet another, highly accessible way to learn much of the background.

What makes these secondary sources reliable?

ALL of our sources are directly based upon extensive research by trained, veteran scholars, especially Historic Northampton’s Kerry Buckley and the University of Connecticut’s Christopher Clark. Reference their published works on our Sources page, under “Explanation of Sources.”

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