Radical Equality: 1842-1846

111: Communitarian Experiment

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The Principle of Equal Brotherhood

David Ruggles

David Ruggles

David Ruggles, Underground Railroad leader and NAEI member. On February 20, 1843, James Stetson wrote a letter to his wife in Connecticut, suggesting that the family move to Massachusetts to join a new utopian community called the Northampton Association of Education and Industry (NAEI). James wrote his letter on a copy of the constitution of the organization.

First look at the original Letter from James A. Stetson to Dolly W. Stetson on Feb. 20, 1843, then look closely at this same letter highlighting key passages
What does it tell you?
Why does James’ want the family to move?


  1. What was the purpose of the Northampton Association of Education and Industry? Read the organization constitution and make a list of their goals.

1843 Articles and By-laws of the NAEI (with selected text highlighted and transcripted)

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