Radical Equality: 1842-1846

Intersecting Lives

People of the Northampton Association of Education and Industry: 1842-1846

NAEI 1842-1846
Sojourner Truth Sojourner Truth: 1797-1883sojournor_1797-1893
45 year-old activist, speaker, author, moral leader and director of the laundry department
George Benson George W. Benson: early 1800s- Not knowngeorge_1800s-unknown
34 year-old cofounder and President of the NAEI
James Stetson James Stetson: 1801-1893james_1801-1893
41 year-old traveling salesman of silk produced by the NAEI community
Lydia Child Lydia Maria Child: 1802-1880lydia_1802-1880
40 year-old writer whose novels, and stories for children helped pave the way for radical abolitionist rhetoric and activity
William Lloyd Garrison William Lloyd Garrison: 1805-1879william_1805-1879
40 year-old ideological leader of the radical abolitionists
samuel-hill Samuel Hill: 1806-1882samuel_1806-1882
36 year-old co-founder and Treasurer of the NAEI and created and all male abolitionist society
Dolly Stetson Dolly Stetson: 1807 – 1889dolly_1807-1899
35 year-old seamstress who worked in the sewing department of the NAEI and was President of the Brooklyn Anti-Slavery Society
David Ruggles David Ruggles: 1810-1849david_1810-1849
32 year-old public speaker, who was a major participant in the Underground Railroad in the 1830s and ran a water cure facility while living as a member of the NAEI
frederick-douglass Frederick Douglass:1818-1895frederick_1818-1895
As a 24 year-old public speaker visited the NAEI and inspired anti-slavery activists and supported the growing women’s movement
lucy-stetson Almira Stetson: 1828-unknownalmira_1828-unknown
14 year-old student and silk reeler lived in the communal boarding house of the NAEI with her family